Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photographs by Nathan: A Dog's Point of View (2/2)

Here are the rest of my Round 1 photos. I took these inside the house, in the dogs' kennel in the basement. The first is a longing look at the lock. The next two feature Sam's favorite thing in all the world: his green ball. I'd love some feedback on the two similar ball photos: Which is more effective? What do you think of the selective saturation?

That's all for this round. Bring on the comments!


Stephen said...

I like the idea of the first one, but the blown-out window and the lack of focus hurt it. The same shot, with different lighting and the focus on the lock, would be really good. You might also want to try a slightly wider composition to give more context.

For the next two, I thought it was just a really bright green ball until I read that you had selectively saturated it. There are things I like about both photos. I prefer the gentle contrast of the first one over the bright highlights of the second. I like the way the color makes the ball stand out in the second, but you could likely do the same thing in the first one by making the ball a little brighter (either in channel mixer or with some dodging and burning).

Nathan L said...

Great comments, Potts. You've given me great stuff to think about and work on.