Wednesday, July 30, 2008

General Guidelines

For consistency, please follow the following guidelines. They may change as the need or desire arises.

New assignments should be given as new posts with the title "Assignment for [Name]: [Assignment Title]" and the labels Assignment, [Name], and Round[#]. The body of the post should contain the instructions for the assignment and the due date. Assignments should be made no later than Thursdays, and due dates should be on Tuesdays. Assignments may consist of just about anything. They may specify a subject, a technique, a theme, a mood, a style, or some combination of these. They may set a minimum number of photographs to shoot or a maximum (or minimum) shooting time.

Completed assignments should be posted as "Photographs by [Name]: [Assignment Title]" and the labels Photographs, [Name], and Round[#]. The body of the post should contain reasonably-sized photographs linked to higher-resolution versions and any comments the photographer has about the assignment or the photographs.

Evaluations and other responses should be posted in the comments section of the appropriate post. As much as possible, evaluations should be positive and encouraging. The assigner should comment no later than Thursday, and others should try to meet this deadline as well. Evaluations may contain questions for the photographer, and the photographer is free to respond to any comment.

The use of an Atom web feed reader (such as Google Reader) will help participants keep up with assignments, photographs, and evaluations.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Assignment for Nathan: A Dog's Point of View

Take at least 30 unique, quality shots that show your home from a dog's point of view. Black and white is preferred. Post your best few shots.

Due date: 5 August 2008