Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Assignment for Stephen: Travelogue + Color

Potts, I want to know about your trip. Travelogue me! And do something with color. Your choice, just explain it when you post.

Due date: August 19, 2008

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Nathan L said...

This is really fun street photography! I love that these folks didn't notice you.

I traditional Indian dress! Or perhaps it's garb. Anyhow, great shot of those sleeping creep!

JK, I'd've snapped it, too.

The dude in the turquoise jacket...He may be old, but he's no geezer--that's a sharp-dressed man!

The indoor lighting bugs me on a few of these shots. They seem unnaturally warm.

I like your adaptation of the assignment. Choosing to look for color in people was a good call. I especially like it when you contrast the colors of your subject and his background. The best shot for that is the yellow, reflective vest in front of Seattle's Best, though if you'd caught the blue skirt in front of a red shop, that would have been stellar.

All in all, you handled the assignment well and kept your job. Well done!