Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photographs by Nathan: A Dog's Point of View (1/2)

Here's my first installment. These three shots focus on my two dogs' longing to be in the house.


Nathan L said...

photo #2--how embarassing! I've got to run. I'll fix it later.

Nathan L said...


Stephen said...

You took the assignment in a more literal direction than I had in mind when I gave it. I was just expecting some low-angle, black-and-white shots of the interior of your house, but instead you got inside your dogs' heads and captured their world.

Is the furry thing in the first one part of your dog? The left railing does a good job leading the eye toward the dog's focus, the gate. For some reason, my eye wants to see the other hand rail. If this was a landscape shot, you might want to try a wider crop and include more of the dog (?) or the right hand rail.

The last one is my favorite of these three. The partial reflection does a great job of emphasizing the dog's outside-ness since he cannot even see the inside clearly. I have no idea how you could pull this off, but it would be incredible if you could include the reflection of your dog looking in the window (without getting yourself in the photo).

The clipping in the first two is a little distracting, probably because I know how much it frustrates me whenever I am shooting outside. I bet these are particularly meaningful to you because you are so familiar with the subjects and know that your dogs stare at these things when they want to be with you and your family.

Nathan L said...

Yes, the furry thing in #1 is Sam's ear. I understand the need for a wider composition. The original is a landscape and should satisfy your eye's yearning for that right rail.

I'm so glad you could sort out the reflections in #3. You're right, having a dog actually looking in would be great. I'll try it when I get back home.