Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stephen: The Power of Lighting

OK, so apparently I lied five months ago when I said Half a Stop was back. But now it is, I promise. Well, at least for one post anyway.

I decided I would shoot the assignment I gave Nathan 450 days ago. The assignment was to make a series of photographs of an object that each evoke a different response to the object (or reflect a different attitude toward the object) by changing the lighting. I chose a napkin holder (with napkins) that sits my dining room table. I chose it for its simplicity (so that its fixed attributes would not over power the effect of the lighting) and light color (so its appearance would be more influenced by the lighting). It was also a convenient size.

Without further ado, here are the photographs:

As always, comments are appreciated. Eventuality I will post what I had in mind for each of the three photos, but first I would like to hear what attitudes or responses other people have toward each of them.

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